1. Payment

Billing is done on a monthly basis. A bill for the previous month will be issued at the beginning of every month.
Payment should be made by bank transfer within one month of the date on the bill.
If you are paying tuition yourself, then we ask that you pay for 8 lessons(except Intensive course) in advance. (in cash or by bank transfer)
Monies paid cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

2.Cancellations / Time change

(for the shorter lesson as students request)

If notice of a lesson cancellation/ time change is received by 18:00 of the working day prior to the lesson, there will be no cancellation charge. If a cancellation notice is received later than this, the full lesson charge will be levied.

3. Late Arrival(Tardiness)

Your teacher will wait for 30minutes, after 30 minutes the lesson will be cancelled and charged at the full rate.

4. Course postponement

If course of lessons cannot be completed and lesson pre-payments are outstanding, the credit amount will be valid for a period of up to three months.
If a student is unable to take lessons during this period. The outstanding monies will be forfeited.

5. Teaching material cost

The textbooks are purchased at students
When students take a course (A,B,C,D,)we provides 4 textbooks of �Japanese Notebook� We charge the cost for each textbook as follows:
A course 1,000yen ,B,C,D course 1,200yen ( cards and photocopies included)
Materials  1,500yen

6. Group lesson

Schedule The date ,day, and time is not be changed.
Absence When you can not attend a class, one substitute lesson is offered per month.

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